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Indian agritourism is a thriving industry that promotes the prosperity of Indian agriculture. It is a unique concept where tourists get the opportunity to visit and experience the rich agricultural heritage of India. With its diverse climate and fertile land, India is known for its bountiful produce and traditional farming practices. Agritourism not only provides an insight into the farming techniques but also allows visitors to actively participate in various agricultural activities like milking cows, harvesting crops, and learning about organic farming. This interaction with nature and the rural way of life offers a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Moreover, agritourism plays a significant role in supporting the local economy by generating income for farmers and creating employment opportunities in rural areas. Experience the beauty of Indian agriculture through agritourism and witness the prosperity it brings to the country.

boy in red blue and white plaid button up shirt carrying white and black short coated
boy in red blue and white plaid button up shirt carrying white and black short coated

Our mission

We are dedicated to providing everyone with an immersive experience of the challenges faced by farmers as well as the prosperity that Indian and rural agriculture can bring. Our mission is to create awareness and understanding about the demanding nature of farming, the hard work involved, and the crucial role farmers play in feeding our communities. Through our initiatives and activities, we aim to bridge the gap between urban and rural areas, fostering appreciation for the agricultural sector and promoting sustainable farming practices. By showcasing the richness and diversity of Indian agriculture, we hope to inspire a sense of pride in our farming heritage and encourage support for local farmers. Together, we can build a stronger and more thriving agricultural sector that benefits both farmers and consumers alike.

Our vision

Our Indian agri-tourism vision aims to connect people with their roots and showcase the prosperity of Indian agriculture to the world. We believe in empowering everyone by creating awareness and generating employment opportunities in the agricultural sector. Through our agri-tourism initiatives, we provide a platform for people to experience the beauty and significance of Indian agriculture firsthand. By immersing themselves in the diverse cultural traditions and practices of rural India, visitors gain a deeper understanding of our rich agricultural heritage. Additionally, our efforts also contribute to the sustainable growth of the agricultural sector, supporting local farmers and promoting the use of organic and traditional farming methods. We are committed to promoting agri-tourism as a means to not only preserve our agricultural heritage but also to drive economic growth in rural areas.

flag hanging on pole
flag hanging on pole

Our team

Nekkanti Tirupayya

Founder & Honorable Chairman

Nekkanti Dhanalakshmi


Nekkanti Vinod Kumar

Executive Director

Nekkanti Venkatesh

Managing Director

Nekkanti Sujini

Digital Operations

Our team is committed to promoting agricultural and rural prosperity. We understand the importance of the agricultural sector in driving economic growth and uplifting rural communities. Through our various initiatives, we aim to enhance the productivity and profitability of farmers, as well as provide them with access to modern techniques and technologies. We believe that by empowering farmers and promoting sustainable agricultural practices, we can contribute to the overall development and prosperity of rural areas. Our team works closely with farmers, local communities, and relevant stakeholders to identify their needs and provide them with the necessary support and resources. Together, we strive to create a thriving agricultural sector and ensure a better future for rural communities.